​Doctors at Federal Medical Center Makurdi protest, to down tools on Monday

Doctors under the auspices of the Association of Resident Doctors, ARD at Federal Medical Center, Makurdi have resolved to embark on a one week warning strike, citing irregularities in their salaries and promotion. 
This was disclosed by the President of the association, Dr Michael Ijiko while addressing newsmen yesterday after a protest carried out by the doctors within the hospital premises. 

He said Federal Medical Center, Makurdi had the poorest indices of staff welfare compared to other centres in the country. 

“It is only amongst doctors today that you here that somebody on the same grade level as you collecting more salary than you in Sokoto and yet we are keeping quiet. 

“For two years now, it’s only at Federal Medical Center, Makurdi that somebody will pass exams and will not be upgraded appropriately. It has never happened and we will not condone it.

“Two years after the agreed and made the national health bill and act, where are we today? None implementation. More than two years after circularization of our skipping, where are we today? None implementation. House officers entry point has been circularized, where are you today? None implementation. How long are we going to sit down and keep quiet in the face of this injustice. 

“From 8am on Monday, 9th January to 8am on Saturday, 14th January, we are going to register our displeasure with the system.” He said. 

Dr Ijiko expressed regret over the inconvenience the actions was going to cause patients saying, “we are standing here not because of ourselves but because of our patients, children and the society. We cannot continue to keep quiet in the face of this injustice. 

“What needs to be done, needs to be done and we must play our part to make sure the system moves forward.”

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