​Fulani herdsmen attacks can never be eliminated – Akume

Former governor of Benue State and serving senator of the Federal Republic, George Akume, has said it is impossible to completely solve the issue of the perennial invasion of Benue communities by armed herdsmen. 
The APC chieftain in an interview with Vanguard said the matter can only be controlled but cannot be eliminated as it pre-dates the present administration in the state. 

“I want to state this and very emphatically too, that there had always been a conflict between farmers and cattle rearers, it’s something that can never be completely eliminated, but it’s something that can be brought under control. I was a small boy in those days, I was born in the 50s and I went to school in the 60s.

“The truth here is that the Fulani used to be part of our communities. They would come, I didn’t know from where because we were too small but some of them would come with their wives, kids, personal effects and so on and my dad would also give them a place to graze.” he said. 

The senator debunked claims that Governor Samuel Ortom is not doing enough to end the crisis, saying the governor has taken fundamental steps that are yielding results. 

“Actually, I want to correct the impression you have created that the governor is helpless. The governor is not hopeless, he’s not helpless.

“The governor has taken fundamental steps as the chief security officer of Benue State, to guarantee the security of lives and property.

“When people say that we are not doing much, we can always pass resolutions, we can move motions, we can also call on the Federal Government to take a look at this.

“I have also spoken to the president on this issue too. And so when people say we are not doing much, we are doing whatever we can. It is not an issue that is restricted to Benue State alone. It is a huge problem that requires a comprehensive national approach.” he concluded. 

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  1. Zaiyol Karl

    April 20, 2017 at 3:27 AM

    As Governor of Benue State for 8-years, how many bills did this guy send to the Benue State House of Assembly with the intent to regulate violent animal grazing in Benue state? Again, as a senator, how many bills has he proposed to regulate animal grazing and to stop the killing of Benue Farmers by Fulani Herdsmen? A man who has never moved a single motion in the Senate in 10 years has no business speaking about problems of the Benue people. Similarly, Ortom has done nothing to regulate animal grazing in Benue State besides speaking from both sides of his mouth on the matter. Where in the world is do-nothing-approach a solution to a problem? Only in Nigeria that people who have ruined the society will continue to parade themselves with impunity as leaders of the very society they have totally ransacked.

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