​”It’s his destiny to hawk”, Ortom’s aide says about Benue civil servant hawking groundnuts

Mr Godwin Oga, Benue civil servant hawking groundnuts 

Senior Special Assistant to Governor Samuel Ortom on Social Media, Mr Solomon Amande has spoken on the picture of a Benue civil servant selling groundnuts which has gone viral on social media.

Right: Governor Ortom’s aide on social media

Mr Godwin Oga, 46, a staff of Benue State Environmental Sanitation Agency (BENSESA) was pictured selling groundnuts on the streets of the state capital, Makurdi having failed to fend for his family because of the state governments inability to pay salaries. 

However, the Governor’s social media aide said the father of three was destined to hawk, going further to describe him as mentally unstable. 

“It’s his destiny to hawk. Even if you give him heaven here on earth he will still look for odd jobs to do. The man seriously look like a mental case.

“When you see a mentally derailed and semi imbecile, you need no rocket scientist to identify such a person.” He concluded. 

Benue owes upwards of five months unpaid salaries to state governments workers and eight months for local government workers and teachers; pensioners are also owed over a year’s wages.

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  1. Tervershima Usar

    July 23, 2017 at 8:32 PM

    The aide to the governor is really the one insane.people are suffering and pple are also dying because no money and ye could open his mouth to insult someone who is trying to survive under the administration of a wicked governor and cabinet. you all shall rot in hell.

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