Feedback: Benue people Bear their minds on Ortom’s 30 days in office


The Ortom’s administration has shown focus and a clear body language to boast the agro-based lifeline economy of Benue State. I can only but wish the Governor strength and courage as he carries on.
– Surma Tarlumun

To the best of my knowledge I think the governor has done well, most importantly are his newly appointed commissioners for the best state and I believe those men are technocrats which I believe they will do well for the state.
– Dan Agbo

Although Ortom did not start his government on a bad note, I am perturbed by the negligence in appointment of the Idoma people into key positions in the state. I see that as an attempted attempt by Ortom’s govt to relegate the Idoma people to the background during his tenure.
– Comrade Omaga E. Daniel

From what I have seen in the last 30 days,  the change has come to benue people and I pray for him and his cabinets to sustain the tempo. For example, the political appointments so far is fair enough. With the memorandum of understanding signed with Chinese government, the promise for free education to primary school in Benue and to bring to life the Taraku Mill shows that the change is here.
– Adanu Jonah Reuben

I think with 30 days in office Ortom has been able to change the lives of Benue citizens, his 30 days is like a year. He has been able to meet with fulani leaders to end herders conflict and he also promises a conducive environment for the private sector. And I believe Ortom has more to offer to Benue people, Ortom all the way, APC all the way.
– David Ogaba

Dr Ortom will prove himself for real in 30 days. He needs to be able to convince Benue state that he has what it takes to become our future president! I believe in Dr Samuel Ortom.
– Oase Shami

After 30 days I’m still wondering if this is actually the change we clamoured for. No salaries have been paid, institutions are still on strike…There is just nothing remarkable to point at. Worst still court cases are gearing up minute by minute. God help Benue state!
– Ashimom Timothy Msughter.

He is not starting well! The same promises, the Benue People except Dr Ortom to set up a panel to investigates and possibly recover some of the state money and asset carted away by Suswam. Ortom is given it a deaf ear, Ortom in 30 days ought to have done something to ensure resumption of BSU. Ortom must stand tall and do away with Akume interference.
– Usman Okai Austin

Ortom has started well. Of interest is the intended focus on SMEs and industrialization. He has visited a few industries around but needs to be more proactive in setting up management and monitoring structures. He needs to clearly expose his blueprint than highlighting challenges with previous administration.
– Jimin James

I think that the Governor is still yet to find his feet in areas of most keen issues affecting the state. He is yet to pay salaries, he is yet to address and end all striking issues of Lecturers, Doctors etc. He is yet to say anything about the probing of the immediate pass Government. He is ultimately yet to wake up and face the fact that the Benue people are aggressively gasping for change and a real and complete change at that. He should find his feet faster.
– Timothy Iorkyaan

Governor Ortom’s 30 days in office is promising. I believe that his administration will better the lives of the people of Benue State.
– Kachina Tersoo

Well, so far the governor is trying to make sure he restores the peace of the state. He is also trying hard to put smile once again on the face of Lecturers and students of BSU. I believe he is good.
– Romeo Ogah

In my opinion, I think he is not doing what should be, as a new governor that met nothing in the treasury, he should have probed Dr Gabriel Suswam for the unpaid Benue state university lecturers’ salaries, especially looking at the duration these students has spent at home, these lecturers also has responsibilities to cater for, I think he should place himself in their shoes just for a day, in his little way I also in another school of though believe that he’s doing his possible best to see everything back to normal, my ernest prayer for him is for GOD to crown his effort and through him bring the needed change we have been anticipating for in Benue state of Nigeria.
Long live Governor Ortom, long live Benue,
– Francis O E Adegbe

I do not think Dr Ortom has done well enough owing to the high expectation on him from the people, however I would not blame him much because, he has to settle down, take a holistic view of what is on ground before taking any concrete decision on any policy implementation. Secondly, with the empty account he inherited from his predecessor, I would not blame him for now, because one month to me is too short a time to evaluate his performance in office.
– Anthony Emmanuel O. 

He is doing great because our state was turning into something else and a lot of robbery and kidnapping was going on, on daily basis but since Governor Ortom came he has been working hard and as of now it’s getting better and things are going well as program and I also believe that God will support him to pay all the salaries. Please let’s endure because it’s not up to 1 year so let’s wait and see what Ortom will do before next year. Long live Ortom, long live our Benue our future.
– Azenda A Leonard

Well, first impression matters a lot. Dr samuel Ortom started well, his style of administration is quite encouraging, the real change has come. He is the type of man that the good people of Benue are looking for, a man who is capable and ready to put smiles in the face of Benue workers and students. I just pray that God will strengthen him, protect him so that he will not relent in his efforts of doing good. LONG LIVE DR SAMUEL ORTOM, LONG LIVE BENUE.
– Uroko Sunex Junior.

Governor Ortom days in office I never thought much from him but I know he is going to do something great in Benue state. But my own concerns is for him to pay the outstanding salaries and I know he is trying hard for that in 30days in office.
– Tagher David

So far so good, governor Ortom have proven that he’s capable of taking the state to the next frontier. Believing that much will be achieved in his 100 days in office particularly in the area of industrilization.
– Noah McDickson.

A good government is one that takes the masses along in decision making, He always makes decision that favour the whole masses which is primary ingredients of democracy. For me Governor Samuel Ortom will perform very well. Thank u, God bless Benue state.
– Ikape Kenneth

Personally I have expected Gov Ortom to salvage the deteriorating situation in the state by cushioning the precarious financial situation in the state, finding a solution to end the strike action embarked upon by various unions. Its a pity I’m yet to see any of these come to a reality after 30 days in office.
– Adinya Emmanuel

In as much as most of us aren’t in the state, we’ve been following up our dear state’s situation, and on my behalf and friends, I must say I love what am hearing, there’s a headline that interests me all-month “covering up for Suswam’ll mean betrayal” we are waiting.
– Douglas Fanen Orga

Governor Ortom’s 30 days in office has not been easy with him but he has tried to put hope on the faces of Benue citizens by all his activities so far despite the fact that the most challenging problem in the state now which is the unpaid workers salaries has not yet been tackled. I think so far his performance has been good and is geared towards a better Benue. I urge him to change the hope on workers face to smiles by hastening the payment of workers salaries to curb this poverty lingering in the state. May God continue to see you through.
Nelson Udeh

My thought for governor Ortom, is that he should be sincere in ruling the people of Benue, and he should try as much as possible to pay the three months salary to the BSU lecturers, because am so tired of staying at home. instead I want to be busy with my studies.
– Adoyi Francis

He really tried on the aspect of security  especially the insecurity that was going in Sankera axis. He has really worked on that within 30days, and thats the aspect he has reacted with immediate effect. Other issues like appointment, I really wish him to put God fatherism aside and work with honest and sincere people, men whom respect the law and not self centred individual. He should inject new blood into the government and it should be people with clean track records. My advice, Benue workers and pensioners should be taken with more seriousness.
– Ngusha Aersaa.

So far his 30 days in office has been wonderful. However I’m with the opinion that he should as a matter of urgency address the issue of outstanding salaries to alleviate the pains of the civil servants.
– Tordoo Nyiekaa

Governor Ortom has the desire to make Benue a great state, from the steps he has taken in the office, we hope that the change we voted shall be accomplished.The major obstacle around his administration is the debt left by the formal governor but God will soon put everything in place.
– Ocheme Godwin

From the looked of things, Ortom’s administration is full of promises and hope for the BENUE people but how to actualise the promises is our major concern.
– James Abah

Chief Dr Samuel Ortom the newly elected governor for the 2015 polls in April has done well in the following arears
1. Gov ortom aim of reviving all the decaying industries is a good idea in order to eradicate unemployment for the youth in the state
2. His ability to eliminate irresponsible social vices such as arm robbery theft, indecent dressing, cultism and many more.
3. During Ortoms leadership for 30 days there is a great improvement in power sector, that is there is constant electricity.
4. He is working for modalities to pay unpaid salaries.
5. Ability to settle the crisis between Fulani and Tiv at large.
– Nor Damian Iorsoo

So far in 30 days of Gov. Ortom in office has not impress me because i expected him to call on BSU lecturers and discuss extensively with them, tell them to go back to class with assurance giving to them but unfortunately that has not been done to please the students who voted for him in regard to that. So far I have not also heard about any other improvement in Benue State.
– Obiabo John Ogbeche

Looking forward to Salary payments before assessment, however, he looks determined
– John Onu

I think the governor is slow in treating issues of urgency or maybe he does not acknowledge them as issues that warrant desperate action. The BSU Strike is an issue of such nature, this case should have been attacked desperately to ensure immediate resumption upon his ascension of power, this would have crowned his 100 days in office instead of taking timid procedures as education should be the priority of every government. I have not seen any 30 days worthy achievement of this administration. Thanks.
– Agbo Blessing

Governor Ortom is good governor due to the steps he has takwn to take Benue to the high level. He is a man that know how to convince somebody, just like immediately he assumed office he talk with the staff of BSU.
– Msendoo Ushahemba

He has so far tried, especially in the aspect of sanitising the political system of Benue state by not following the path of the then party in power (PDP) which could not live up to the yearning and aspirations of the Benue electorates…. Mr Governor, keep the flag on.
– Comrade Adom Emma

So far so good, its been progressive. But the issue of the unpaid salaries need to be tackled and fast.
– Nelly Shaaho

Governor Ortoms 30 days have been one of restrategizing and study been that its a new party with new ideas. So far so good from the moves he has been making, it is obvious there are better days ahead. Nevertheless he should make haste in paying the backlog of salaries owned workers by then Benue citizens will really appreciate his administration. I sue for patience as well from benue massses.
– Ajav Shima Joseph

Ortom will eradicate corruption in Benue state and boost out the Economy of Benue. How he started if he dispatch the ideals of God-fathers. Just as PMB is not answerabke to Tinubu. So he should give his mentor Akume space and work with d people of Benue.
– John Chia

I think Dr Samuel Ortom’s 30 days in office is encouraging. He is trying but I suggest he channels more energy on workers salaries most especially this ASUU strike of a thing.
– Ogezi Ene Loveth

My view is that, 30 days cannot be over emphasized, but if he can do what is on people’s mouth by calling off BSU strike, paying civil servants salaries, pensioners and at the same time embarking on youths employment, security of lives and properties as well as projects that will impact positively on Benue people and his aim should be that of putting smiles on the faces of Benue people.
– Wayo Tersoo

Governor Ortom’s 30 days in office is quite encouraging following the prospect of actualizing some steps he has moved so far. However, Benue people are expecting a lot from him. We need CHANGE
– Terfa Kater

So far, I think Ortom is nowhere yet. There seems to be too many distractions for him to concentrate on governance. I feel he should find his rhythm or else he will drift far from the dream of bringing meaningful and positive change in the state.
Chris Onehi

He’s doing great work, trying to make Benue people smile again especially in d issue of salary.
– Gabriel Oche

As a student of BSU, I’m not happy so far because I thought his first step will be to call the long time striking students of our prestigious university back to school but the reverse turn to be the case, quite unfortunate.
– Iorhom Steven

It has not been so fruitful as we all thought, but his is change, and it takes a gradual process. We all have to be patient as it will take a while before Benue and Nigeria will be well again.
– Gwaza Terzulum

To me, Dr Sam Ortom is on course to perform as Benue state governor. Yes, the first one month according to what I gathered, saw him naming some of his cabinet members, touring some sites of supposed projects of the last administration to ascertain the level of work there, trying to have meetings / negotiations with the striking university  workers, and carrying out a thorough evaluation of the situation of the state’s economy so as to set his records straight. To access him therefore, I’ll say its still early to actually start having negative minds about him. For me, more than all else, I think he has inherited so much issues and need to settle down and take them one after the other. And for this to happen therefore, we as Benue people must exercise some level of patience and maturity. Yeah I know we are expecting so much from him but he must be supported first. On the whole, I think he has started in the right direction. Thanks
– Kennedy Ter Daagema

Governor samuel ortom has so far done 100% in office. In fact he has done in 30 days what the ex-governor have not done in one year. I think if he continue like this within two years he will turn Benue state for good. I imagine our humble governor visiting all the tertiary institutions, Taraku mills within his 10 days in the office.
– Msen Kpojime

Well to me he has tried his best in making sure that BSU students resume their studies and as well in the aspect of youth empowerment programme. He has made a huge step to dat by having a talk with Hon. Desmond Eloit of recent and lots more but to mention a few. Thanks for the privilege.
– Abah Friday Adakole

I’m not just an ardent supporter of ‘Change’, I’d like to have it effected. The change we longed for in Benue for several years being 30 days old today, I think it’s high time the poor people of the state felt they were out of Egypt.
The gov should have paid workers at least a percentage of their owed salaries before embarking on the cleaning exercise. This does not in the slightest sense, suggests that I’m against his move to fight against ghost workers, but there must be priorities in governance. There is nothing good enough for a hungry man to see; Ortom should know that Suswam too, started this way!
– Comrade Akade Emmanuel.

Governor Ortom is the right man for that seat. Ever since he became the governor of benue state, so many things in the state is now coming back to normal which is now favouring the well being of its inhabitants. He is God sent to help the people of the state out of suffering.              
– Dr. Abraham Akogwu Omale

Governor Samuel Ortom’s thirty days in office has shown his eligibility to transform  Benue State from physical, social and financial backwardness caused by the past administration. It could be recall that the past administration promised to deliver the state from poverty and other social challenges but their activities demonstrated the Introduction of total hardship to the people with civil servant owing the lion share of the suffering. For this reason, l therefore urge Governor Ortom to adhere to his campaign promises for the benefit of the State. Thanks and God bless you.
– Echeofun Monday

Governor Ortom’s 30 days in office is no doubt premised on pulling together the pre-requisites that will sustain his administration. Among others is the visitations and efforts to revive abandoned firms that serviced the Benue economy, and also restructuring of political institutions.
– Torkuha Emmanuel

Governor Samuel Ortom has done well in the first 30 days in office, at least Benue people have experienced an open door policy from the government. Working in cohesion with the people is best of democracy. Abomtse is back, Makurdi okada riders issues are settled, improvement in electricity supply and effort to pay inherited unpaid salaries is not an exceptional thought. As for now I have accepted he has done well with no doubt.
– Dookaan David Terkuma

Governor Samuel Ortom, 30 days in office is quiet eventful, he has been able to unveil some of his blueprint. I am very certain that there is more to come than the little we have seen. This administration needs efforts of every Benue citizen, let’s remain resolute in our quest for the dividends of democracy to be delivered to our people.
– Mike Idoko O.

The administration of Dr Samuel Ortom in the last 30 days shows that it’s ready to carry everybody along especially the civil servants.
– Orduen Shitor Solomon

I think Governor Ortom is a governor of our dream. He has within 30 days handled the Fulani/farmers clashes on a national corridor, and has brought a little relief on payment of govt workers. He has also done a lot in the area of bringing in foreign investors on and much more. Bravo Mr Governor even as we look forward to BSU strike resolution.
– Ogbu Joshua.

As a concerned citizen of Benue state, I saw a hand if Esau & voice of Jacob in this Mr. Ortom govt. Virtually nothing has been done new in our dear state. It’s time he woke up & liberate from god fatherism. His hands were not clean in the nominated speaker of BSHA. Appointment of key position & immediate sack of local govt chairman without replacement. Thanks. 
– Sir. Andy Ode

The Governor has done a lot such as providing th citizens a maximum security guarantee and on the issue of academics he is trying his best but the lecturers of the state university are not considering him which is wrong and unethical of their profession. Whenever a new administration assume office they have to go on negotiation and start work, its when the government fails them they can embark on strike. so far so good Ortom’s score card is 35 percent over 100. Thank you. Long live Benue.
– Ada Klinz Jude

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